Woodchipper Trailer for FS2019

Woodchipper Trailer for Farming Simulator 19
Woodchipper Trailer for FS19


This pack contains a wood chipper trailer and a custom woodchip sell point.

How does it work? Drive up next to your pile of logs, fold out the chipper and activate it.
The chipper will crush the logs like any normal woodchipper would and fills up the trailer with woodchips.
However it will spawns logs for aesthetical purposes onto the bed of the trailer so you can see when your trailer is full.
The woodchips can then be sold at any woodchip sellpoint, but prefered to be done at our custom sell point which will give a higher price than the default prices.
The price in our custom sellpoint has been addapted so that the money you get from the chips equals the money you would have gotten for transported logs to the sawmill directly.

Capacity: 175,000L
Price: $28,000

Loading Operation Explenation:
Start the engine truck
Press X to unfold the Chipper
Press B to activate the Chipper
Once the trailer storage reaches 95% the horn will sound notifying you the trailer is almost full. Once at 100% the trailer will turn off and the horn will stop.

The Chipper will not turn on anymore once the storage is at 100%.
The trailer can be found in Tools => Forestry equipment.
The woodchip selling station can be found under misc placeables.

Authors: Curato Farms

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Download mod

CF_WoodChipperTrailer.zip (7 MB)
Safe to download: Check 

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