Secret Service JET Pack And FX Remover for Fallout76

Secret Service JET Pack And FX Remover for Fallout 76
Secret Service JET Pack And FX Remover for Fallout76


Secret Service Jet Pack & FX Remover; Keep The Functionality, Lose The Eyesore!
I made this mod as the jetpack sometimes ruins my outfit and it’s too useful to get rid of.

I’ve Uploaded Three Versions:
#1 JetPackRemoverLite.ba2
This version removes the jetpack model but the jet-stream effect still shows and the sound still plays when you operate the jetpack

#2 JetPackRemoverMid.ba2
This version is a sort of middle ground; it removes both the jet-stream effect AND the jetpack model but you can still hear the jetpack

#3 JetPackRemoverFull.ba2
This Version Removes The Jetpack Model, Effect, AND Sound. Full Fat!

WARNING: If you install option #3 power armor jetpacks will no longer make sound either; this is unavoidable as they share the same sound file as the SS JP.

I recommend you use Fallout 76 Quick Configuration for a hassle-free and future-proof modding experience
(Fallout 76 Quick Configuration – INI-Editor and Mod Manager at Fallout 76 Nexus – Mods and community)

Manual Installation:
✔ Put the .ba2 file in the fallout 76 data folder
✔ Add the filename of the .ba2 file to the [Archive] section in your Fallout76Custom.ini
creds to bass, nip and lem for their help & inspiration

Author: Fibery

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unzip.rar (3 KB)
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