Reality Check Protest Signs for FALLOUT76

Reality Check Protest Signs for Fallout 76
Reality Check Protest Signs for Fallout76


This mod will replace all the Protest signs in the game!!!
The slogans I added are based on comments and articles I read on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter, … they come from all player bases so some slogans will be harsh!!!
They are ideal for live streams to make a point to Bethesda or your fellow players.


To install this mod, add the file ”SeventySixMod -ProtestSigns.ba2” to your fallout data folder.
example: C:SteamsteamappscommonFallout76Data

Then edit your ”Fallout76Custom.ini” located in C:UsersYourNameDocumentsMy GamesFallout 76

Add the following to the file SeventySixMod -ProtestSigns.ba2

sResourceArchive2List =othermod.ba2, othermod2.ba2, SeventySixMod -ProtestSigns.ba2

Author: MadDokGrotYT

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