Ore Glow for Fallout76

Ore Glow for Fallout 76
Ore Glow for Fallout76


This is another from my custom glow set, since there seems to be a desire for it outside of my own personal need.
It adds a custom glow texture to ore veins since I found them painstakingly hard to efficiently locate.

Last config changes Patch 10 (updated June 10)
Due to the increased volatility of the “sResourceArchive2List” and the 1024 character limit, you can rename the mod to anything you wish and it will have no impact to its use.
However at this time I’m recommending an archive line change to something more stable, it has been tested with this mod and has no apparent problems.

Add your .ba2 after the last entry.

This is a drop in replacement and will override default behavior and textures for all ore veins. Giving them a unique color and glow so they can be more easily located.

Author: okagau007

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