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ZIL 5423 V3.5.1 [1.41 – 1.43]

ZIL 5423 V3.5.1 [1.41 – 1.43] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V3.5.1 Chassis 133540 adjusted in height, now the truck is exactly. Changelog V3.5 ✔ Added chassis 133540 ✔ Added new mirrors and bumper protection ✔ Return the opportunity to remove lateral skirts Chassis 133540 clings all trailers from existing modes on tandem. ✔ Standalone; ✔ Dealer Iveco; ✔ own interior; ✔ own sound; ✔…

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DAF XF 95 Cooiman [1.42]

DAF XF 95 Cooiman [1.42] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

I have great news for everyone, due to Adam Dalton who thinked it was a great idea to declare his credit card stolen and get me in debt with 70 euros for a 40 euro custom order,his truck got released to the public. For now my modding activity is stopped until further notice from PayPal…

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