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Trucks are the most important feature of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Find the best ETS 2 trucks for you at ModsHost. Remember that lorries can be updated with features such as new paint colors, interiors, sounds, tuning parts, engines, transmissions, and more.

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Renault Mod Modified V2.0

Renault Mod Modified V2.0 1

There is not much regulation in the vehicle. The headlights were renewed, and the LED was laid. the vehicle was flattened to the ground. The rest arrangements are stock round. more add-ons will be added in the next updates. has been adapted to the new version. Fixed errors. and more.

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Volvo FH13 V1.6

Volvo FH13 V1.6 2

Sold in volvo dealer. fix for 1.32 and up versions. added sideskirts and tuning. No rain drop problem, wipers work perfect. Not perfect 1.35 ım waitin officaly 1.35 version for update. 2 cabin. 4 chassis. 2 powerfull euro 5 engines with own sounds(news one coming future updates). 1 transmission(news one coming future updates). VERSİON 1.6….

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Mack Anthem Fix V1.2 ETS2 1.35

Mack Anthem Fix V1.2 ETS2 1.35 3

Standalone; Find in Volvo 4 cabins; 7 chassis; 19 engines; 10 transmissions; Own interior (4 options); Your skins; Tuning; Accessories in the cab; Cable support restored for ETS 2; Present in the gallery. Test on version 1.34.x Changes v1.2 Updated all models and animations to the latest format version, Updated wipers setting, Fixed black textures…

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Renault Premium Reworked V4.7 1.35.X

Renault Premium Reworked V4.7 1.35.X 4

Updated version 4.7 The mod is adapted to patch version 1.35 New tuning Fixed bugs Mod replaces the default Renault Premium! 2 cabins, each cabin has a spoiler: 2 for high and 1 for low. All chassis Added nameplates engines Added decals on the side Windows 3 front bumper (fully paint, plastic + paint and…

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Truck Iveco Strator 1.35.X

Truck Iveco Strator 1.35.X 5

In version 5.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.31.x, 1.32.x, 1.33.x): standalone Car dealership Iveco 3 cabins 11 chassis 17 engines 9 gearbox your sounds 4 interiors (2 left-hand drive and 2 right-hand drive) 6 of their skins + painting (including metallic) Cab accessory support Great tuning Adapted for 1.35.x Updated files

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Daf Xf 105 By Vad&K V6.8 1.35.X

Daf Xf 105 By Vad&K V6.8 1.35.X 6

Changelog for actual ver. 6.8 fixed position of the “cabine” locator euro6 rearlights for Low Deck chassis fixed. for cabs with a rear spoiler, 3 types of trims (chrome, standard and black plastic) with slots for installing lights (slot r_cab_grill). added own lights for installation in r_cab_grill slots. retuned brightness GPS screen (thanks Piva) added…

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Kamaz 5410 HQ V2.0 1.35.X

Kamaz 5410 HQ V2.0 1.35.X 7

Test on version 1.35. Clean log 99.8% Fixed some bugs. New accessories in the cab(requires Pak accessories from Sisl) KAMAZ bought in : a/C VOLVO Your wheels. New sounds from KAMAZ. Your salon. 2 visor. Chassis : 4×2, 6×4, 6×4 rusty, 6×4 tandem. Painted. There is a little tuning. 2 of the intermittent wiper. Again…

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Scania 141 V8 1.35

Scania 141 V8 1.35 9

Scania 141 made by Shoofer, (E.M Team) updated to 1.35 3 cabins 3 chassis 3 interior much to tune! * maybe some of you can fix the trailercables* hope you like it

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Sisu Polar Mk1 – ByCapital V4.0.2

Sisu Polar Mk1 – ByCapital V4.0.2 10

Changelog Made compatible to Actros Reworks ByCapital v4.0 Added short 6×2 and 6×4 chassis Added slots on bumpers for custom LP And more Changelog v4.0 to 4.0.2 Adaptations for rigids Bugfixes This mod adds a Sisu Polar Mk1 with almost the same tuning possibilities as my MB Actros MP3 Reworks. You must have MP Actros…

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