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Trucks are the most important feature of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Find the best ETS 2 trucks for you at ModsHost. Remember that lorries can be updated with features such as new paint colors, interiors, sounds, tuning parts, engines, transmissions, and more.

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Poludniowa Polska v1.45

Poludniowa Polska v1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Southern Poland is a map add-on to ETS 2 that expands the southern part of Poland. I tried to accurately reproduce each intersection and characteristic places as much as my skills allow.The mod is an overlay for Poland Rebuilding and ProMods, so these two maps are required for the operation of Southern Poland for the…

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Western Star 57x by soap98 v1.1 1.45

Western Star 57x by soap98 v1.1 1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Features:-Adapted to ETS2 Adjustable suspension height-Rebuilded Model from scratch-Added ETS2 Cabin Accessories-Added Company Jobs in UK-Working Cables-lots of tuning-Independent Sound-localization Changes v1.1-A new roof fairing option (Aero II) -An option for non-heated headlights-A new side fairing option (Aero II)-Optional twin vertical exhaust stacks-An option to add the Christmas Light Accessory Compatible with ETS2 Version 1.45x If…

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Mercedes Actros MP4 Reworked [Schumi] v3.1.2

Mercedes Actros MP4 Reworked [Schumi] v3.1.2 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Mod replaces the default model of the Mercedes Actros MP4– Plastic and paint bumper and part of the cab– Plastic and paint grid engine– A movable part on the rear wings– Front mudflaps– The decals on side glass Changelog v3.1.2– Fixed the position of the 5th wheel– Fixed 6×2/4 axle Compatible with 1.45x

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Mercedes Benz 1933 v2.1 1.45

Mercedes Benz 1933 v2.1 1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Features-Autonomous-Mercedes car dealership and mod dealer-1 cabin-4 chassis-3 own engines and 8 gearboxes-Your sounds-3 interior options;-Paint + metallic;-Support for cabin accessories-Huge tuning-Cable support Mod tested in game version: 1.45

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Scania R700 V3.3 1.45

Scania R700 V3.3 1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Features– Adaptation to 1.45 patch– Chassis repositioned like SCS Streamline– Default engine sounds changes from Next-Gen to Old Streamline – Fixed found errors and bugs– Added engine badges for 1000 and 1150hp engines– Added 8×4 chassis– Added plastic and painted parts– Added some tuning parts– Added new paintjobs Tested version :

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Volvo F10-F12 v1.45

Volvo F10-F12 v1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Features-Low cab and Globetrotter-4×2,6×2 short[midlift,taglift, taglift single], 6×2 long(taglift taglift single), 6×4 short and long, 8×4 oversize.-Independent Interiors and accesories-Some accesories-Independent Sound-Make front mudflaps removable-Painted and chrome variant to front bumper-Rear axles adjusted (improve stability) Updated for ETS2 1.45x

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MAN 520HN for Euro Truck Simulator 2

The package includes the MAN 520 HN truck complete with: 3 frames 4×2.6x4a, 6×4 8 engines. 6 transmissions. Animated windows. Adapted for 1.45x

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Pegaso Troner v1.3 1.45

Pegaso Troner v1.3 1.45 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

The Pegaso Troner made its debut at the 1987 Barcelona Motor show and was to be the last truck model developed by the Spanish manufacturer. Features-12 litre straight six engine-16 speed ZF gearbox-360 Bhp, 370 and 400 Bhp– 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2 chassis Fully working on ETS2 1.45

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Mercedes Benz NEW Actros 2019 V1.9

Mercedes Benz NEW Actros 2019 V1.9 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Features 3 cabins: StreamSpace 2,50, BigSpace , GigaSpace 15 chassis variants: 11 chassis tractor, 4 chassis BDF 7 engine variants OM 471 / OM 471 – Mercedes drivetrain mod ready 6 gearbox variants – Mercedes drivetrain mod ready 6 Interior variants LHD + RHD: Basic, Style Line, Trend Line, Edition 1 40 original Mercedes colors…

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