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Roextended V3.0 [1.44]

Roextended V3.0 [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Features: more than 100 cities New roads (for example, between Chisinau, Odessa, Tiraspolm and Galati more than 1000 km) New companies Many details surrounded Compatible with many maps ROEXTENDED needs all DLC cards Changes: The new city of Suchava Expansion of Georgia, 4 cities: Batumi, Poti, Zugdidi and Sukhumi Update to the version of the…


Promods / Rusmap / Poland Rebuilding / Roextended Road Connections V1.1

Promods / Rusmap / Poland Rebuilding / Roextended Road Connections V1.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

ChangelogFixed problem between the jet and BrestOther corrections Fix allows you to use the latest versions of the maps: PROMODS 2.60 + MIDDLE EAST ADD-ON 2.60Poland Rebuilding 2.5.3.Rusmap 2.43.1ROEXTENDED 2.9 / 3.3 Compatible with other maps (southern region, Siberia, etc.) does not affect.Use only if you have all four cards.In the mod manager, to put…


Hybrid Road Connection [1.41.X]

Hybrid Road Connection [1.41.X] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Hybrid Road connection between Roextended, Poland Rebuilding, Promods and Rusmap, all latest versions. This has NEW sectors from Roextended and Rusmap, avoiding missing prefabs and models. Remove all road connections between Roextended, RusMap and Promods (3 pieces), (do not remove the one with Promods ME) Place this above Roextended.