ETS2 1.44 Scania mods

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Scania R700 Reworked V3.2 [1.44]

Scania R700 Reworked V3.2 [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

✔ Adaptation to 1.44 patch ✔ Chassis repositioned like SCS Streamline ✔ Default engine sounds changes from Next-Gen to Old Streamline ✔ Fixed found errors and bugs ✔ Added engine badges for 1000 and 1150hp engines ✔ Added 8×4 chassis ✔ Added plastic and painted parts ✔ Added some tuning parts ✔ Added new paintjobs…

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Scania G,R,R4 & Streamline [1.44]

Scania G,R,R4 & Streamline [1.44] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Scania G,R,R4 & Streamline v1.44 -Updated the mod for game version 1.44 -Updated engine sound definitions for Convoy -Updated transmission sound definitions for Convoy -Updated chassis definitions -Added interior sound attenuation -Removed obsolete wear attributes from Truck Dealer and Truck Browser definitions -Removed obsolete steering wheel animation

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