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Tuning ALL Truck Package [1.44-1.45]

Tuning ALL Truck Package [1.44-1.45] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Tuning All truck package Changelog 1.44 Licensed and Aftermarket Customization Options Arrive Abasstreppas Hella Lamp Pack Restructuring 50k-addons Restructuring New Leds And Headlıghts Added 1.44-145 Compatible Tested 1.44x-1.45 Attention ——————– Too much light causes fps drop Remove old package Tuning Pack Trailer Wooden Floor Flatbed Container Carrier Wooden Floor Logger Steel Floor Flatbed Food Tank…

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ABASSTREPPAS WHEELPACK V3.4 1.44 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Abasstreppas Wheelpack Version 3.4 ]This wheel pack includes 16 steel rims (8 stock and 8 custom colors) and 3 Alcoa rims, 36 hubs (18 stock and 18 custom colors), several different covers and nuts. For custom painting rims and hubs, use the templates included in the original RAR-file.

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HADLEY AIRHORN PACK V13 1.44 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This mod includes the following airhorns made by Hadley:   H00856 – 19" Airhorn H00855 – 22" Airhorn H00878A – 37" Airhorn H00978 – 26" Rectangular airhorn H00977 – 29" Rectangular airhorn   The dimensions of the airhorns might not be exact to real life as this is my first Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod….

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