Rigid Addon For RJL Scania RS & R4 [1.47] Part for ETS2

Rigid Addon For RJL Scania RS & R4 [1.47] for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Rigid Addon For RJL Scania RS & R4 [1.47] for ETS2


Rigid chassis addon for RJL Scania RS, R4 & G by Kast

Game version 1.47.x

Mod adds
Kraker box
NTM box
NTM related parts
Ekeri box
Ekeri related parts
VAK box
VAK related parts
Närko box

Närko related parts
11 rigid chassis
VBG & TAV hook
Sidecovers and rails
Domar wheelcovers
Parlok wheelcovers
Reverse lights to doorsteps
Zepro tail-lift
4 coolers Lumikko, Thermo King, Carrier
Trailer cables support And more

Requires RJL Scania
Place it above RJL Scania mods

Author: kast

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