EKO Truck Parts V1.6 for ETS2

EKO Truck Parts V1.6 for Euro Truck Simulator 2
EKO Truck Parts V1.6 for ETS2


Changes V1.6
Rear lockers adjustments fix
DAF 2021 Rear lockers behind spoiler
DAF 2021 Square 850l tanks for taglifts

Adds new parts for DAF 2021 and Scania S/R

DAF 2021:

  • Bumper lip
  • Big bumper lip
  • Roof bar for XG+ (usable from beacon slot)
  • Side spoilers with DAF old logo
  • Side spoilers with painted DAF logo
  • Side skirt bar with pockets
  • Small side skirt bar
  • Sunshield
  • Sunshield with stone guard
  • EKO Truck Parts backwall piece


  • NEW Middle light covers
  • Lowbumper lip
  • Highbumper lip
  • Side bar for midlift
  • Stone guard
  • NEW Stone guard v2
  • Sunshield with no markers
  • NEW Sunshield with no markers v2
  • EKO Truck Parts backwall piece

Skinning – parts does not have template so if skin is used put this part as single color. At start of each part i have noted part name. For example it would be “b_grill.ekob” etc.

Author: TumbEd

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