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When it comes to truck simulators, Doubtlessly Euro truck simulator 2 is among the best ones. Although the game was released back in 2012, it still has a huge player base. Are you also bored with ETS2 and wanna try out something new? If so, then don’t miss a chance to use mods. At Modshost you’ll get all sorts of ETS2 mods. You can add new trucks, skins, maps, sounds, interiors, tuning, and other dope features to the game. The best part is that you can download and use all mods free of cost without spending a single penny! Easily customize the game and make it more interesting. ETS 2 Mods not only add extra elements to the game but will also help you to push your rank and beat your competitors. So what are you waiting for? Download and use mods and be the Coolest truck driver among your friends! Please read our guide to learn how to install mods. Filter ETS2 mods by version: 1.46, 1.45, 1.44, 1.43, 1.42.

Mercedes Benz GLE 400 Beta

Mercedes Benz GLE 400 Beta for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Vehicle is still in beta, it contains no bugs but will still have texture improvements. How to buy the vehicle: Go to Renault dealership, select Renault Premium model and switch to Mercedes GLE option in the following categories: Cabin Chassis Engine Transmission Interior Accessories (Change tires, hub and wheel bolts) Working without bugs in version…

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Leather Interior For Rjl Rs And T (5S And Rhd Ready) V2.1

Leather Interior For Rjl Rs And T (5S And Rhd Ready) V2.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Hello everyone, here’s is my leather interior for the RJL RS and RJL Torpedo. What does it feature? All new textures visible from the outside Compatible with 5 and 6 series interiors full LHD and RHD compatible New window lightboxes New ledboard in a vabis wheel shape fully compatible with the Scania torpedo and RS…

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Tregion Map V0.1.3

Tregion Map V0.1.3 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

What’s new? 1.35 compatibility DirectX11 support Fixed a game crash when selecting Woerden as starting city Small bug fixes Standalone Dutch map Scale of 1:2 Mainly fixed bugs. There are 2 new area’s visible from old sections which are Zevenhuizen and Utrecht-Oudenrijn. Tregion 0.1 is finally released! What do you need to play the map?…

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Volvo 9700 Right Hand 1.35.X

Volvo 9700 Right Hand 1.35.X for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Supported version 1.31.x to 1.35.x Dealer: MAN (LOL) 1.Volvo 9700 Alpha 1/2/3/4/5/6 2.Volvo 9700 edit 3.Volvo 9700 def 4.Volvo 9700 base Change log: 1. Realistic sound Added 2. Suspension made realistic 3. Right Hand Interior 4. Bangladeshi Skin

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Special Transport In Traffic 1.35.X

Special Transport In Traffic 1.35.X for Euro Truck Simulator 2

If possible, fixed for the latest version of the game. Bugs fixed. Compatible with Baltika DLC. All ambulances and police will appear in their respective countries. Italy emergency services, only in Italy and so on … With sirens and flashing lights. Ambulance, police and firefighters: ITALY Carabinieri, federal police, local police, ambulance, firefighters and fire…

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