Realistic Ferry Prices v1.0 for ETS2

Realistic Ferry Prices v1.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Realistic Ferry Prices v1.0 for ETS2


This mod changes the latest ferry prices as of real life in the different ports.


Trip Fare Changes:
Calais – Dover: 272€ (Vanilla: 384€)
Harwich (Felixstowe) – Europoort (Rotterdam): 232€ (Vanilla: 960€)
Hull (Grimsby) – Europoort (Rotterdam): 337€ (Vanilla: 995€)    
Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Ijmuiden (Amsterdam): 733€ (Vanilla: 1,212€)    
Gedser – Roscoff: 178€ (Vanilla: 404€)    
Rostock – Trelleborg (Malmö): 191€ (Vanilla: 668€)
Plymouth – Roscoff: 910€ (Uses vanilla as I couldn't find more information on this one)


1.46 and above

Author: TjMat

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