Download Russian License Plates V1.4 0.32 BeamNG Mod

BeamNG Mod: Russian License Plates V1.4 0.32 (Featured)
BeamNG Mod: Russian License Plates V1.4 0.32

Key Features:

  1. 9 Types of License Plates in Russia
  2. Changeable Region Codes: Enter any code, following the required format.
  3. Support for Square Numbers: Available for specific types.
  4. Extra Styles Function: For select types of plates. Append !x after the text, where x is the style number (e.g., “T909KK777!2”). Refer to the Extra Styles spoiler at the end of this description for more details.
  5. Format Compliance: If the format is not followed, “404” is displayed on the number.

Character Guide:

  • 0: Any digit
  • x: One of the Latin letters “ABEKMHOPCTYX” (case insensitive)
  • 77: Region code (replace with any region code)
  • y: Other specified characters

Types of License Plates:

  1. Regular License Plates (Square numbers supported)
    • Cars: x000xx77 or x000xx777
    • Trailers: xx000077
    • Special Equipment: 0000xx77
  2. License Plates without a Flag (Square numbers supported)
    • Cars: x000xx77 or x000xx777
    • Trailers: xx000077
    • Special Equipment: 0000xx77
  3. Police License Plates
    • Cars: x000077
    • Trailers: 000x77
  4. Military License Plates
    • Cars: 0000xx77
    • Trailers: xx000077
  5. Diplomatic License Plates (Square numbers supported)
    • Ambassadors’ Cars: 000CD077
    • Cars for Diplomats: 000y00077
      • y: D for diplomats, T for technical staff, one of the letters BEKMH for foreign citizens (yellow background, pre-2002)
  6. Transit License Plates
    • xx000x77
  7. Public Transport License Plates
    • xx00077
  8. Federal License Plates (Pre-2007)
    • x000xx
  9. License Plates for Exported/Classic/Sports Cars (Square numbers supported)
    • yxx00077
      • y: T for exported cars, C for sports cars, K for classic cars

Possible Issues and Solutions:

  1. Update Configuration:
    • With update 1.4, manually set numbers again if configurations use numbers from pre-installed versions.
    • Save the configuration again with newly installed numbers.
  2. Graphics Settings:
    • Ensure the “Skip number generation” option is DISABLED.
  3. Mod Updates:
    • Ensure the latest mod version is installed. Use “Update all modifications” in the Modification Manager, then disable and re-enable the mod after updating.
  4. Conflicting Mods:
    • Ensure no conflicting mods are installed. Disable/delete conflicting mods or remove relevant files from their archives (e.g., vehicle/common/licenseplates/htnv, vehicle/common/licenseplates/rus).
  5. Reliable Sources:
    • Install this mod from a reliable source (e.g., BeamNG repository or Ensure only one archive with this mod is in the mods folder (including mods/repo).

Extra Styles:

For detailed information on extra styles, refer to the Extra Styles section at the end of the description.

Compatibility: BeamNG 0.32, 0.32 Other

Author: htnv

How to install this mod (Full installation guide)

  1. Download the mod (ModsHost download guide).
  2. Find the mods folder on your computer
    • Windows – Documents/
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Mods folder
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
  5. Problems? Ask for help!
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