BeamNG 0.28 Cars mods

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Skoda Octavia A7 (5E) [0.28]

Skoda Octavia A7 (5E) [0.28] for

Good 3D model; PBR painting; Working optics; Multiple configurations; Elaborate external skeleton; Own jbeam; Your wheels; Good quality textures; Good detail; The interior is so-so; Supports the main functions of the game;

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Ford Explorer [0.28]

Ford Explorer [0.28] for

Ford Explorer SUV. Fully designed interior; Added “Restyling” (2017); A wide variety of police versions, as well as civilian ones; Reliable characteristics of the car; Cool elaboration (bottom, suspension, space under the wings, under the headlights, bumpers); Edited by Jbeam; PBR textures; Actual dimensions of the car.

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2004-2009 Volkswagen Golf 5 (Huge Pack) [0.28]

2004-2009 Volkswagen Golf 5 (Huge Pack) [0.28] for

Unique 98 configurations Many Sets of bumpers 3 interior colors Custom engine sounds Openable doors Fully working dashboard PBR Everywhere 100% accurate engine power inputs and torque curve All engines Realistic Gear Ratios 3 sets of wheels Accurate suspension layout Heavily edited JBeam Construction Extremely detailed every part of model 100% accurate model to real…

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Porsche 911 (996) [0.28]

Porsche 911 (996) [0.28] for

Unique 18 configurations 6 sets of bumpers (Carrera, Turbo, GT2, GT3, Turbo S) 5 interior colors (leather and carpet) Fully working dashboard PBR everywhere 100% accurate engine power consumption and torque curve Realistic gear ratios 3 sets of wheels Precise suspension layout Heavily edited JBeam construction. Extremely detailed every part of the model 100% accurate…

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Audi A6 C7 [0.28]

Audi A6 C7 [0.28] for

Working lighting equipment; 45 configurations; Your wheels; Good damage; Glass breaks; Developed engine; Detailed housing + PBR; Detailed interior + PBR; Animated turn signals on some versions. Fixed 2.8fsi_quattro_dct7_s line,2.0tfsi_m6 configs Better Exhaust Jbeam New Thumbnails

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Lamborghini Countach V1.3.4 [0.28]

Lamborghini Countach V1.3.4 [0.28] for

20 Configurations; Your wheels; Skins; HD model; Nice interior; Realistic settings. In Version 1.3.4: Fixed sound files; Fixed a BUG that caused the vehicle to crash at high speed and be unstable; Redesigned QVI front bumper and added a bumper upgrade option; Redesigned front spoiler and added additional headlights.

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