BMW M5 F90 Restyling Car for BeamNG

BMW M5 F90 Restyling for
BMW M5 F90 Restyling for BeamNG


: 18 Configurations.
: PBR Textures.
: PBR Headlight glow.
: Worked bottom.
: A well-developed under-hood space.
: In the cabin there are animated gas and brake pedals, animated turn signal lever, animated headlights, customized navigator, working indicators of the gearbox, working sensors on the dashboard and button illumination.
: Ray Tracing headlights.
: Animated glow of headlights.
: Its brake calipers.
: 5 Colors of calipers.
: Projection on the windshield.
: Working dashboard.
: A large number of small elaborated details.
: The interior color changes on the second palette.

: The RGB backlight color changes on the third palette.
: Real engine characteristics.
: 2 Engine cover designs.
: 8 Types of their disks.
: 3 Types of their tires.
: 7 Types of spoiler.
: 3 Types of nameplates on the trunk.
: 3 Types of nameplates on the wings.
: 6 Types of front bumper.
: 4 Rear bumper designs.
: 4 fin designs on the roof.
: 6 Types of hood.
If you find any disadvantages – write, I will try to fix it

Authors: Omg Potxto

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