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ZIL 5423 MMZ Truck + Interior V3.5 [1.43]

ZIL 5423 MMZ Truck + Interior V3.5 [1.43] for American Truck Simulator

ZIL 5423 MMZ – this modification adds a high quality russian truck produced by the Likhachev plant for ATS players. An excellent made truck mod ZIL MMZ 5423, a professional model with high quality textures. Changes In V3.5: ✔ Adapted to the latest game patch 1.43; ✔ Added chassis 133540; ✔ Replaced cables with ATS-version;…

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ZIL-157 Truck + Interior V1.5 [1.40.X]

ZIL-157 Truck + Interior V1.5 [1.40.X] for American Truck Simulator

ZIL-157 Truck – this mod add a quality russian truck mod with own interior, sound and wheels for ATS players. Changes In V1.5: ✔ Updated sound registration for patches 1.39.x ✔ 1.40.x; ✔ Works in ETS 2 and ATC (sold by a mod dealer). ✔ adapted to the latest game patch 1.40 Model using a…

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