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RJL Scania T V1.2 [1.43]

RJL Scania T V1.2 [1.43] for American Truck Simulator

Standalone; Several cabins; Large selection of a wide variety of chassis; Engines and gearbox for every taste; Their interiors (several options); A lot of tuning; Support for advanced coupling; Support for all DLC; Support for trailer cables; Changes: Compatibility with 1.43.x. Fixed headlights Removed unnecessary files For version 1.43.x.


Madmax Truck Mod V1.1 [1.42]

Madmax Truck Mod V1.1 [1.42] for American Truck Simulator

Mod is based on Scania 111s truck 3 types of cabins 4 transmissions large selection of engines + your own trailer (in standard trailers) Version 1.1 For American Truck Simulator (v1.42.x): Adaptation for 1.42