Reefer Trailer Sound Addon 1.0.7 for ATS

Reefer Trailer Sound Addon 1.0.7 for American Truck Simulator
Reefer Trailer Sound Addon 1.0.7 for ATS


Changelog: Mod Description Updated To Include 1.46. No Requirement To Re-download If You Already Have It.

Synopsis: Hear the seamless white noise of a reefer trailer!

This mod adds the definition files to activate the Sound Fixes Pack reefer sounds for reefer trailers by SCS Software.

There are some trade-offs due to reefer sounds not being a standard feature in the game yet.
Nevertheless, a lot of limitations have been overcome to allow more freedom and fewer hassles.

All information required for using this mod can be found in the mod’s description in the Mod Manager.

Authors: Drive Safely

Find more: Sounds for 1.46

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