Cabin’s Refrigerator Stickers v1.0 1.45 Part for ATS

Cabin’s Refrigerator Stickers v1.0 1.45 for American Truck Simulator
Cabin’s Refrigerator Stickers v1.0 1.45 for ATS


Stickers! More Stickers, and a Poster! You can never have enough. Or perhaps their Magnets? Or mini posters!!
Here is a start of random stickers. McDonalds was my learning one, so it is here to stay for a while. The $100,000 bill is to get rid of money if you have to much, perhaps a $1,000,000 is next.
The VNL in the photo is great for the big stickers, give me an idea for more poster magnets!
I will be adding more, but if you have some ideas, just put it in a comment. I wonder how many stickers can get in this mod!

-Added Convoy Sticker and Poster, Superman
-Added bunny starbucks target LP record
-Added dogs and Harley

Compatible with 1.45x

Author: stchamber11

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