Brighter LOW Beam & Reverse Lights V1.2.3 [1.43] Part for ATS

Brighter LOW Beam & Reverse Lights V1.2.3 [1.43] for American Truck Simulator
Brighter LOW Beam & Reverse Lights V1.2.3 [1.43] for ATS

Version 1.2.3
✔ Add support for game version 1.43.
✔ Reduce reflective bias on road-side traffic signs.
✔ Other small Fixes and improvements.

Increase brightness of low beam and reverse lights, as well as AI vehicle’s rear and brake lights. The direction of the low beam lights now also tends slightly pointing to the left so that road signs on the right side do not appear too dazzling. No changes made for high beam and other accessory lights. The reserve lights now also wider and has longer coverage.

Highlighted Features
Brighter and wider low beam lights.
Brighter, longer and wider reverse/backing lights.
Low beam bigger flares, more noticable from distance.
Brake, blinker/turn and rear lights are more noticable from distance.
Reduce light source intensity for brake, blinker/turn and rear lights.
Road-side traffic signs are less reflective with default bloom settings.
✔ All listed above are affect player and AI vehicles.

Tips And Tricks
If you think the road signs are seem too reflective, you can reduce the bloom effect by editing the config.cfg file in the game document folder and modify bloom attributes to the following values:

uset g_bloom_standard_deviation “0.35”
uset g_bloom_override “0”
uset g_bloom “0.2”

Or Disable Bloom Effect Completely:
uset g_bloom “0”

If you’re not really like the new lighting system introduced since version 1.40, you can disable it by editing the config.cfg file stored in game document folder and modifying (or adding) the following line:

uset r_tonemap_debug “2”

Supported Game Version

Supported In-game Vehicles
All SCS Stock Trucks.
All Default Stock AI Vehicles.

This mod may not work with modded trucks and AI vehicles.

Author: madman


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