Real Companies, GAS Stations & Billboards V3.01.33 for ATS

Real Companies, GAS Stations & Billboards V3.01.33 for American Truck Simulator
Real Companies, GAS Stations & Billboards V3.01.33 for ATS


Changes V3.01.33

  • cargo tweaks for Budget Rental cars @ Walmart
  • Compatibility with ats 1.46
  • Changed Gallon to Exxon (except a few prefabs, mostly NM)
  • Added Budget Rental Cars @ Walmart
  • Changed fastfood to Burger King
  • Changed fastfood trucks in AI traffic
  • Updated scenic shop signs
  • Updated FedEx signing and UI logo’s
  • Updated billboards for Thanksgiving/ black friday
  • Updated some company trailers
  • Added various small signs
  • Bugfix console erros
  • Bugfix Chevron prefab blocking streets

This Mod Changes:

  • Deliverable SCS-companies to real companies
  • SCS company trailers to real company trailers
  • SCS fastfoodrestaurants to real restaurants
  • Billboards including Las vegas
  • Las vegas hotel names
  • Airplane liveries
  • UPS and Fed-ex stepvans
  • SCS shop names to real shop names
  • Roadservice signs
  • Various small signs, containers and vehicles

Works With:

  • ATS versions 1.40 to 1.46
  • Convoy
  • Most common used map mods (Pro mods, C2C, Team Reforma)
  • Most common traffic-skin mods (e.g. SiSL’s, various real company for van’s mods)

Authors: scs, MLH82

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