NO Special Transport Escort [1.41] for ATS

NO Special Transport Escort [1.41] for American Truck Simulator
NO Special Transport Escort [1.41] for ATS


This package contains the No Special Transport Escort for ATS mod.
Are you tired of driving slowly behind an escort vehicle? Do you even need an escort?
With this mod it is possible to drive Special Transports without escort vehicles.

Required DLC:
✔ Special Transport

Important Notes:
✔ Drive the suggested route. If you don’t you will fail the job.
✔ Don’t dev cam long distances, as the suggested route will try to guide you back.
✔ As there is no escort it’s possible that you will get stuck in AI traffic. To overcome blocking AI traffic, just use dev cam for a short distance, or adjust ‘g_traffic’ to temporary remove AI traffic, or use ‘g_traffic 0’ to get rid of AI traffic permanently.
✔ Speed limit is not visible in the Route Advisor.

Authors: Vinnie Terranova

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