Chasing Camera Improvement v1.01 1.45 for ATS

Chasing Camera Improvement v1.01 1.45 for American Truck Simulator
Chasing Camera Improvement v1.01 1.45 for ATS


Mod contents:
Your trailer(s) will always be fully visible, even when using double, triple or extended lowboy trailers. It is possible to use the chasing camera as a top-down camera when attaching/detaching trailers.

– Changes the standard view of the chasing camera.
– Increases the zooming distance possible.
– Increases the pitch possible.

Where to find which key is assigned to the chasing camera?
– Click 'Options'
– Click 'Keys & Buttons'
– Scroll down to 'CAMERA CONTROLS'
– Check function 'Chasing Camera'

– Increase priority in 'Mod Manager' to avoid problems with other camera mods.
– At least game version 1.38 is required.
– Tested with game version 1.45.X

– Multiplayer support added

Author: Ronalien

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