Western Honduras Map (Occidente DE Honduras) V6.2 [1.46] for ATS

Western Honduras Map (Occidente DE Honduras) V6.2 [1.46] for American Truck Simulator
Western Honduras Map (Occidente DE Honduras) V6.2 [1.46] for ATS


This is a Standalone map, not compatible with other maps.
Create a new profile if you are playing it for the first time and select map module to copan.scs (Mod Order image is inside the map file)
DLCs Required: Oregon, Washington, Utah.

Version 6.2 Changes

  • Added the following locations: Piedra Negra, El Achiotal, Lucerna, La Labor, San Marcos, El Portillo, Joconal, Trascerros.
  • Rebuilt the section between San Nicolás and Trinidad, Copán.
  • Added 1 new company in Trinidad, Cucuyagua, and Quimistán.
  • Added 2 new companies in El Higuito.
  • Forest Machinery & Volvo Construction DLC loadouts are now available in some parts of the map.
  • Added small details to some old routes on the map.
  • Added new garages and gas stations between Florida and Santa Rita.

*Added a temporary background of the satellite map.

  • Optimization of Tierra Blanca.
  • Fixed the bug that removed the pine vegetation from the map.
  • Fixed the error of crashes due to insufficient memory (minimum 8 gb ram).
  • Added the first section of El Portillo, the highest road in Honduras, located at more than 2000 meters above sea level.
  • Changed the color of the Honduran flag on trucks and loading screens.
  • The road textures have been returned to their classic style.
  • Bug fixes for version 6.0 and 6.1

Support the project: https://www.paypal.me/rigoafp
FB Page for news: https://www.facebook.com/atsmodhonduras
Discord: https://discord.gg/CspBSFYVtv
Download Free Honduran Traffic: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u6y7p00qeoqooem/Trafico_Honduras_UNZIP.rar/file

Useful Commands For A Better Experience:
g_traffic 3 to 6 (for more traffic) example: g_traffic 5
g_set_skybox 1 to 5 (this creates a better sky) g_set_skybox 3

DESCARGA Mapa Occidente de Honduras | American Truck Simulator 1.46 GRATIS.

Authors: MapRigo FP. ModelsNelson Gomez, Augusto José, Mapa Perú, Mapa El Dorado Free and SCS.

Find more: Maps for 1.46, Standalone mods for 1.46

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