Pazzmod V1.4.07 Map for ATS

Pazzmod V1.4.07 for American Truck Simulator
Pazzmod V1.4.07 for ATS


Updated for ats 1.46

Pazzmod is a mod for maps that focuses on perestroika and extensions in Southern California and Arizona, mainly in the area of ​​El Centro, California, and Home, Arizona. During the mapping, I try to combine the realism and creativity of details as much as possible. Of course, perfection cannot always be achieved due to restrictions in models, prefabricated structures and space.

City El Centro, (CA)
City Yuma (AZ)
Highway CA-111
I-8 highway (from El Centro to Yuma)
I-10 highway (from Indio to Chiriaco Summit)
WS-95 highway

City Brawley, Ca
City Indio, CA
City: Caatscino
Highway CA-78 (around Brawley)
Highway CA-86 (from CA-111 near CALEXO, CA to I-10)
Highway CA-7 and CA-98

You must have DLC NEVADA, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington

Author: PaZz_

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