Midwest Expansion C2C Addon v0.170b 1.45 Map for ATS

Midwest Expansion C2C Addon v0.170b 1.45 for American Truck Simulator
Midwest Expansion C2C Addon v0.170b 1.45 for ATS



– Hundreds of miles of new roads in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma
– More than 20 scenery or gas station towns
– Multiple fully complete cities, including Bowling Green and Owensboro in Kentucky
– Many partially completed cities, such as: Hopkinsville, Paducah, Louisville, Saint Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago.

-Added Compatibility for Coast to Coast v2.12.45.3
-Minor Fixes

-Bugfixes for falling through the road and minor changes around the IL1/IL13 intersection.

Author: Jacemeister

Find more: Maps for 1.45

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1 thought on “Midwest Expansion C2C Addon v0.170b 1.45”

  1. Add Kraft/Heinz along with Dole and ADM to Midwest cities in NE, KS and OK so more meat loads can be delivered from, over 85% of all beef and pork come from these states with IA and IL larger in pork and NE/KS/OK and TX largest in beef. Also, all the big beef feed yards are in the panhandles of those states.

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