Rover SD1 Vitesse Police V8 3500 1984 Car for AC

Rover SD1 Vitesse Police V8 3500 1984 for Assetto Corsa
Rover SD1 Vitesse Police V8 3500 1984 for AC


Rover SD1 Vitesse Police V8 3500 1984

Real-world performance
Suspension tweaked
Gearbox realistic ratios and final drive
Graphics tweak including AO, new shaders and materials and properly put together this time…
3d driver= driver_police
Tested using CSP 1.78 preview 1 and Pure v0.75 and optimised for VR.
Best driven with TC and ABS off (indicated by general warning and brake warning symbols on dash)
I’ve included the RaceLogic timing box on top of the steering column. If you want it removed, let me know and I’ll provide an edited ext_config file.
Slightly more power than the stock Vitesse and the suspension is tweaked a little too because its heavier.

Extra A = Front police sign, flashing blue fogs and roof beacons
Extra B = Rear police sign, flashing blue fogs
Horn – Police siren (On/off)
Rain ready with CSP animated wipers front and rear
Cluster fully working; oil pressure, water temp, fuel.
At idle, the oil pressure light and caption will show (head gasket might need changing). Don’t sit at max revs (6000rpm) for too long otherwise it’ll go bang (just like the real thing)…
Wiper shake (by speed and wind)
Exhaust shake
exhaust smoke
Deformable everything. 80s crash standards are not what they are now…


Non apart from wipers using CSP animation.

Authors: Cony Tooke

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